James Fitzjames - The Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition
'James Fitzjames: The Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition' is the first ever biography of Commander James Fitzjames, RN, Sir John Franklin's deputy on the disastrous Franklin Expedition of 1845-1848.  The Franklin Expedition was an attempt by the Royal Navy to sail two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, through the North West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific north of Canada. The Expedition ended in catastrophe.  Every one of its 129 members including Fitzjames and Franklin died and the two ships have never been seen again.

Though James Fitzjames was well-know at the time his origins, his life and the source of influence which got him his place on the Expedition have always been mysterious - until now.

The British author William Battersby, who has a degree in archaeology and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, spent over a year researching Fitzjames.  The book has been published by The History Press in the UK and by the Dundurn Press in Canada.

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